Thursday, July 1, 2010

Going Green, Myth or Mysticism?

In this month of July I would like to start out by emphasizing the value of Green chemicals. These chemicals are truly “Green” and are endorsed by one of the "Green Approval" organizations. This would be an excellent way to start the process of converting your company into one that will be perched and ready to “Go Green” when it becomes appropriate to do so. I invite you to check back often as I discuss in our forum many of the methods that your company can take that will easily transform you into an ecologically environmentally conscious entity.

In fact, to date, July 2010, there are only a small handful of states in the United States that are truly defined as “Green” States.

The reasons are multifaceted, but suffice it to say it isn’t easy to attain this status. As time goes by, more and more states will attempt to “Go Green” but will encounter many difficulties and perhaps falter. Check my next blog for the reasons they have these difficulties.

A more constructive avenue would be to become “Eco Friendly”. While an entire state would have difficulty becoming this ecologically sophisticated and environmentally conscious, companies themselves will have little to no difficulty achieving this goal with the proper help.

There are many ways to become “Eco Friendly” and as a company in California it is well advised to do so.

Choosing our Resource Company, rather than a simple supplier of goods is an excellent way to start as we have this knowledge well defined.

In future articles I will discuss the techniques for attaining Eco Friendly status, and the benefits and money saving potential it offers.

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