Monday, July 5, 2010

The "Green" process: Reasons for faltering

As we begin the summer months I would like to touch on the reasons why a state would have difficulty becoming "Green".

As mentioned in my last article, there are only a small handful of states in the United States that are truly defined as "Green" states. The question has been posed, "Why is this the case and what are the reasons for this difficulty?"

In every state there are uneven, if not unattainable policies. Some states' policies tend towards budgeting and finance, others are more ecologically inclined.

Costs are invariably a huge factor in consideration of bills and issues that a state must consider to go forward in the "Green" concept. Simply, from a cost standpoint alone, it is easy to see why a state may elect to take its time on many issues, including the "Green" initiative. But pressures for a clean and healthy environment persist, and these pressures will lead this country down the "Green" path in time.

Perhaps at this time states' incentives are simply not strong enough to allow them to proceed. Whatever the reason, it is clear that the first step, that of becoming "Eco-Friendly" is very important.

As a Resource Company, we would like to help our customers within California, one by one if need be, to take on this very attainable goal. We would like to introduce you to other concepts like source reduction and the unburdening of the landfills. I will discuss in subsequent articles how all these concepts integrate into a "Green" model for other companies to follow.

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