Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Up the Ladder" The Real Cost of Changing a Light Bulb"

Today I'd like to touch on energy efficient lighting. While this subject is extensive, and much more technical than Janitorial supply, we need to emphasize the importance and the Eco Friendly implications of lighting.

Lighting has a huge impact on the Eco Friendly structure of our cities. Every time a maintenance person climbs up a ladder to remove the lens or can covering the lamp, then to change that lamp, secure it and come back down the ladder, the average cost to your company is about $5.00 per trip! This factors their time, insurance, the cost of the lamp, the risk factor to both the person doing the job and anyone walking underneath.

We need to look at the bottom line for your company instead of each departments' budget. Installing energy efficient lighting will cost a bit more, but the lighting doesn't burn out in a few days or weeks, the color and intensity are the same, and your energy bill will plummet for each lamp installed. Overall, that bottom line will improve dramatically, while pushing your company even more into that Eco Friendly posture we have all come to know. Actual overall savings can be up to 50% over conventional lamps depending upon the number of lights in your facilities.

Enterprise represents the Sli line (Sylvania Lighting Industries) and we welcome your questions or comments.

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