Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Up the Ladder" Part 2

Today I would like to continue with the lighting scenario. As a facility with possibly hundreds of fixtures, how many times a month should you change a light bulb? While this might sound like an opening to a popular joke, it is far from it, as this could easily be one of the most costly decisions for your bottom line.

I have discussed in the first part of this blog the possibility of spending nearly $5.00 or more for every time you send a maintenance man up that ladder to change a lamp. Expounding on this we need to consider now the "Eco Friendly" aspects of energy efficient lighting. Utility companies are armed with massive rebates and tax benefits for retrofitting, and even just switching lamps for existing fixtures might allow a similar return.

As we visit further into the lighting arena and the value of energy efficient lamps versus the popular inexpensive foreign bulb, it will become quite evident that the allure of the cheap lamp IS illusive. The real savings come with fewer trips up to change that bulb, allowing time for other maintenance needs, and longer life energy efficient lamps that save hundreds and even thousands on energy bills.

I would like to close today's discussion with one final note: This determination is not to be made without careful examination of the savings, but mathematically it is proven, and ecologically this is a very sound move with a reputable company like the good people at Sylvania. Enterprise is proud to offer a complete array of Sylvania products, and a hedge towards your bottom line that will total what you would expect from your Resource Company...major savings.

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